For this large installation in celebration of the Museum’s tenth anniversary at its Park Avenue location, the Morse presents stunning works from the collection that have not been on view in recent years or which have never been exhibited in these galleries. The objects include a dozen windows, some designed for the country’s most elite homes of the day. The installation also showcases 85 other objects from Tiffany Studios, including enamels, lamps, art glass, photography, and pottery, representing not only Tiffany’s astonishing versatility in different mediums, but also the McKeans’ comprehensive vision in building their collection for the Morse.


Transom, c. 1905
Window, c. 1892–1900
Transom, c. 1879
Vase, c. 1900
Door panels, c. 1905
Vase, c. 1925
Window, c. 1895
Floor standard, c. 1905