Puzzled Parrots

Puzzled Parrots

A puzzle project featuring the Parrots transom, c. 1905, by Tiffany Studios, New York City, 1902–32. Click image at left to see Parrots transom.

Segmented Squash

Segmented Squash

A puzzle project featuring the Squash transom, c. 1879, by Louis C. Tiffany and Company, New York City, 1878–85. Click image at left to see Squash transom.

Collagraph Print

Making Collagraph Prints

A printmaking project from the Morse Museum (1:14 minutes).

Wisteria Vase

Wisteria Vase Color and Texture by Number

A coloring activity featuring the c. 1904–14 vase from Tiffany Studios, New York City, 1902–32. Click image at left to see Wisteria vase.

Daffodil Terrace

Daffodil Collage

Learn about the parts of a plant and Tiffany’s Daffodil Terrace. Click left to see image of Tiffany’s daffodil column capital.


Design a Tsuba

Explore Japnese culture and learn about one of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s favorite collectibles: tsuba. Design your own tsuba, or sword guard, in this mixed-media project.

Four Seasons Panel

Four Seasons Panel

Celebrate the seasons by designing your own panel from the Four Seasons window.

Chinese Bottle

Blue and White Porcelain Activity

Use a template to design a simple blue and white vase.


Mixed-Media Portraits

Create a unique and personal portrait.

kimekomi pumpkins

Kimekomi Collage Pumpkins

Use scrap fabric and glue to make a decorative, three-dimensional artwork.

Butterflies in Art

Design a colorful butterfly inspired by the artistic butterflies at the Morse Museum.