Can you help me with an appraisal or conservation?

The Museum does not offer appraisal, authentication, or conservation services, but there are several organizations that may be able to help you begin your search for an appraiser. These include:
American Society of Appraisers
Appraisers Association of America
American Institute for Conservation

Is the Museum available for rental for events such as weddings or meetings?

Unfortunately, the Museum is not available for rental.

How often do installations change at the Museum?

The Museum mounts two or three new installations and exhibitions each year from the permanent collection. Changing exhibitions can run for up to a year. For complete details about current exhibitions, visit our Exhibitions page.

What else does the Museum offer besides Tiffany?

In addition to its comprehensive display of Tiffany works, the Morse has galleries devoted to late-19th and early-20th century American painting, American art pottery, and decorative art of the same period, including Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau objects.

Is the Museum handicapped accessible?

Absolutely. All galleries are on a single floor and wheelchairs are available for visitors as needed.

How long does it take to tour the Museum?

A self-guided tour of the galleries takes about 90 minutes to two hours. This includes time to view two films that provide more information about the collection and the Tiffany chapel.

Are guided tours available?

For more information about tours and tour reservations, click here or call (407) 645-5311, ext. 101.

I would like to request permission to reprint a photo from the Museum’s collection. Whom should I contact?

All rights and reproductions requests from scholarly publications are handled through the Collection Department at (407) 645-5311, extension 105. Media requests for photographs from current exhibitions or the permanent collection may be directed to the Public Affairs Department at (407) 645-5311, extension 108, [email protected].

I need help identifying an object. Can the Museum assist me with my research? (see also, Do you offer appraisals?)

The Museum does not have the staff resources to help with object identification. An appraiser, however, can assist with the identification and authentication of a particular object. Several organizations are available to assist in finding a qualified appraiser.

How can I volunteer at the Museum?

Volunteers are welcome. For information on volunteer opportunities, please call (407) 645-5311, extension 102, or email [email protected].

What are your holiday hours?

The Museum is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. It is also closed Mondays unless Independence Day falls on that day.