In the lecture “Highlights from the Stebbins Collection,” Curator of American Painting Dr. Regina Palm will share the many stories that bring this exceptional collection to life. From the hard-won success of Lilly Martin Spencer (1822–1902) and Bessie Potter Vonnoh (1872–1955), who overcame gender-based inequities to become leading artists of their lifetime, to Alfred Waud (1828–91) and Gilbert Gaul (1855–1919), whose Civil War scenes visually relay the realities of war, the breadth of the recently-donated Stebbins Collection is vast. Dr. Palm will introduce some of the lesser-known artists in the collection, like American Pre-Raphaelites Fidelia Bridges (1834–1923) and William Trost Richards (1833–1905), while also featuring some of America’s most renowned, including Martin Johnson Heade (1819–1904)—arguably Florida’s most celebrated artist of the 19th century. As she moves through the Stebbins Collection, she will discuss how these works of art meld seamlessly with the Morse’s long-standing collection.