The Charles Hosmer - Morse Museum of American Art

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Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Tiffany Studios Designs

    Opens October 17, 2017

    Inspired by the aesthetic vision of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933) and with his careful guidance, talented designers and artisans produced some of the most stunning and innovative decorative objects of his and our own time. Organized from the Morse collection, this exhibition presents some of the designs for the diverse objects—including lamps, windows, vases, and even baptismal fonts—born of this complex and enterprising organization. The show will include objects, sketches, drawings, and photographs that reveal something of the creative process at Tiffany’s firm.

  • Louis Comfort Tiffany—Impressions on Film, Canvas, and Paper

    Opens October 17, 2017

    Although best known for his achievements in the decorative arts, particularly glass, Louis Comfort Tiffany was an active painter and photographer throughout his life. This exhibition draws on the Museum’s collection of Tiffany’s less well known two-dimensional works, examples that are poetic in character—sometimes joyous, sometimes elegiac. Tiffany, who traveled broadly, was unceasingly engaged with his visual environment, recording his impressions with camera, brush, and pen. While Tiffany’s famous works in glass dazzle the eye, his paintings and photographs provide an intimate portrait of a man moved by the simple beauty of everyday life—farm scenes, children playing in the surf, and boats on the Hudson River.

  • Landscape in 19th-Century America

    Opens January 16, 2018

    Many American painters of the late 19th century withdrew from cities to the pristine beauty of forests, rivers, and rural life. In this exhibition, the Morse presents a selection of landscape paintings from its collection that illustrate the affinity between the ideas of the French Barbizon School (1830–1870) and American painting at the turn of the 20th century. Objects on view will include landscapes by Otto Heinigke (1850–1915), Lockwood de Forest (1850–1932), and George Inness (1825–1894). The show complements the exhibition Towards Impressionism: Landscape Painting from Corot to Monet at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum (January 20–April 8) at Rollins College. Learn more>>

  • The Domes of the Yosemite

    Opens February 13, 2018

    The largest known painting by American artist Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902) will be exhibited at the Morse through a special loan of the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum in Vermont. Bierstadt, a German-American artist, was lauded for grandiose landscape paintings, particularly those that captured the newly accessible American West. His work represented the maturation of the great American landscape tradition, and this painting of the Yosemite Valley is considered his crowning achievement. The painting will be installed at the Morse in the winter following conservation in Miami and will be on view through early July. Charles Hosmer Morse, the industrialist and philanthropist for whom the Morse is named, is a native of St. Johnsbury. The Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation made a significant contribution toward the Athenaeum’s Domes Project. Learn more>>