The Charles Hosmer - Morse Museum of American Art

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Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Tiffany Lamps and Lighting from the Morse Collection

    Opens October 20, 2015

    The Museum’s exhibition of lamps and lighting from Tiffany Studios will be completely refreshed in conjunction with the opening of an accompanying show focusing on a single lamp—the Daffodil design reading lamp. The Museum changes galleries periodically to enable the public to see more of the permanent collection and to provide new context for appreciating individual objects. Highlights of the new installation will be a 28-inch hanging Dogwood design shade, after 1900; a floor lamp, c. 1902, with a leaded-glass Bamboo design shade; and lighting examples by Tiffany competitors. Although Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933) was an international success before his first lamp, it is the lamps more than anything else that has extended the breadth and depth of his popularity across America and through time, from the 1890s to this day. With his lamps and lighting fixtures, Tiffany created a signature style of lighting that captured the American and European audience and now fascinates and charms people all over the world.

  • Focus Exhibition: Tiffany Studios’ Daffodil Reading Lamp

    Opens October 20, 2015

    From the shape of its base to the decoration of its leaded-glass shade, the Morse Museum’s Daffodil design reading lamp, c.1899 to 1905, from Tiffany Studios reveals much about the era in which it was produced. This exhibition will provide an in-depth examination of the lamp, including details of its inspiration, creation, and production. In tracking the lamp from its inception to its sale, the exhibit will also show the behind-the-scenes organization of artist, artisan, and business manager required to produce these iconic objects.

  • Vignette: Collectible Spoons from the Morse Collection

    Opens February 09, 2016

    In this vignette, the Morse presents selections from more than 400 spoons collected by the Charles Hosmer Morse and Hugh F. McKean families. Dating from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, they include souvenir, commemorative, and antique spoons of all variety and shape. These objects were treasured by the Morses and McKeans for the same reasons spoons have been collected over the past three centuries—for their availability, affordability, charm, and memories.

  • Tiffany Art Glass from the Morse Collection

    Opens February 09, 2016

    Tiffany Studios was arguably the best decorative glass producer in the world in its day and undoubtedly one of the best of all time. In his art glass, introduced to the public in 1893, Louis Comfort Tiffany used sources that included antiquity, horticulture, rocks, and the flow of lava. Through exploitation of chemistry, mechanics, and logistics in production, he transformed his ideas into objects of astonishing variety, imagination, and beauty. In a new installation from its permanent collection, the Morse presents examples of Tiffany art glass that richly illustrate the artist’s mastery of this medium.